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JBL T450BT HeadSet inaudible sounds during call - Windows 10

Hello all,

I recently bought JBL T450BT device and I am trying to use it in my Windows 10 laptop. Before that, I have successfully used my friend's headset of same model in my laptop.

When I connected the new device to my laptop, I can listen to highquality music using the stereo mode of the headset. However, when I want to use my headset for calls (zoom, messenger, skype), I don't get any sound when stereo mode is used. When I change the mode to hand free AG audio mode, eventhough I can hear the sound, it is very low quality where I can't understand what the other party is saying.

I tried uninstalling device drivers several times (both bluetooth drivers and sound drivers) through device manager, but they automatically got reinstalled and not fixed the issue. Updating drivers say that I already have the up to date driver. How can I solve this issue?

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