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Can someone elaborate more about SUB PRX 818XLF please?

Hello everyone,
I wanted to make a party with heavy bass music, so I bought a single unit sub JBL PRX 818XLF to fullfill the bass upon my pair of 10 inch speakers model Yamaha Stagepas 600i (I'm gonna leave the specs of it below). I'm not sure if PRX818XLF is the right sub to my system, though it has a lot of power, I think I might be misunderstood about PRX818XLF.
I am just new to speakers and don't understand.
I'm worried because my main speakers are 10 inch and from what I saw in every ads image/video from JBL is a PRX818XLF with a main 15 inch PRX815 and PRX815XLF with a main 12 inch PRX812.
My first question is: A product from PRX Series is always gonna be a best match with another product from PRX Series or can I make a good match with another brand?
Second question: 18 subs can be a good match with my main 10 inch? It leads to another question: Crossover. Thats the question three.
Third question: I noticed (after buying) that PRX818 XLF has only 80hz crossover, so it is really deep bass. I can't put a 100hz or 120hz crossover just to find a better crossover match with every speaker I try on it. Even adjusting by the Wifi Connect Equalizator PRX App from increasing the upper bass, the timbre from JBL PRX 818XLF is a better match with deep bass, I think it is not sounding good on upper bass, maybe because of the material, density, build Speaker inside.
I would like to know please if my main Yamaha 10 is a good match.
Yamaha Main Speakers: 10 inch, 129db each, both together have 680watts total. Frequency response -10db: 55hz up to 20kHz.
Specs PRX818XLF:
Subwoofer 1500watts peak, 134dB.
Frequency response -10db: 30hz up to 103hz.

Please can someone answer my question Im so worried because I dont understand about audio I might be missing some audio with my system (or not, maybe I am great).
By the specs I give can someone tell me if I am good with this system?
Observation: Ive got a tiltdown adapter to my tripod so I can tiltdown 14 grades face down my speakers to avoid loss of intelligibility thats so cool adapter I am enjoying it a lot.
Observation 2: For now I have only tested the subwoofer indoors but I need to test it out outdoors. Indoors Im not enjoying much, maybe my room is quite small
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