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I have a 2 - LSR6328P monitors. The 8" lf in one of them is sounding low in volume and distorted. I've swapped out the speaker, the amp and input card with all good components from the other monitor and it still sound the same. And even put what I thought were bad components in the other monitor and they worked fine. What else in between the amp and the speaker? The transformer? Its the only thing I haven't swapped out yet? Has anyone experienced this before?


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    scytechscytech Posts: 148

    Initial symptom would lead me to also assume a suspicious driver. So, if I were to swap this suspicious driver AND suspicious driver's symptom switched location with the driver, then I would be suspicious that the driver IS faulty!
    Farce à part, you seem to say that you swapped all components from one box to the other box AND symptom always stayed with box, then the only active component left is the power transformer! You may have and open winding in the secondary section. Have a qualified tech take a look and compare the transformer windings and voltages with that of the other box.

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