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EON 518S power amplifier board failure

I have a JBL EON 518S subwoofer.
The amplifier board is damaged. Which pipeline should I use to get the parts?
I have consulted with distributors in Taiwan, Asia, and they responded to me that they can’t handle it.
This answer is really frustrating


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    Before I get anybody’s hopes up, I don’t have a solution to this issue, yet.

    I had the same issue. My two speakers both failed in the same afternoon (just outside of the warranty, go figure!). Having run those speakers for years beforehand, I have no idea what I did wrong, if anything. When I brought a local sound tech expert in to inspect them, he checked the amp board and said they had failed at different components of the amp board. His best guess was that there was a power spike that caused both to fail. Given the compact nature of the board, he didn’t feel comfortable attempting to repair it.

    I am having trouble finding replacements as well. Hoping someone here can provide an answer!
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