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Firmware Update Request for PRX Series

I would like to request a firmware upgrade to the PRX series to make the subwoofer PRX 818XLF able to play higher, similarly the SRX818. See this comparison:
Prx 818xlf (10dB): 30Hz - 102Hz.
Prx 818xlf (3dB) : 35Hz - 87Hz.
*Srx 818 (10dB): 29Hz - 150Hz.
*Srx 818 (3dB): 35Hz - 120Hz.

Please, increase the range from PRX818xlf, just like:
*Prx 818xlf (10dB): 30Hz - 150Hz.
*Prx 818xlf (3dB) : 35Hz - 120Hz.

I suggest it only to make this subwoofer compatible with speakers that have crossovers up to 120Hz. Please JBL, make it possible soon, I need it so much.
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