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JBL Live 460NC - Pad Triggers A Pause


I got my headphones from Amazon today and whenever I put pressure on the left pad there's a signal as if something has been connected, and when I remove the pressure they make a sound as if something was disconnected. I believe it's some sort of ear detection? Doesn't seem like an error, but a function that I'd like to be gone as it's extremely annoying. Whenever I put pressure on the pad or move it slightly (and it loses pressure) the audio gets interrupted by the signal that's now haunting me.

I tried to restart the headphones to factory settings, but it didn't do the trick for I don't need to connect with any device, they just do that on their own without connecting to anything. I have tried connecting and restarting both voice assistants, going to factory settings again. I'm helpless.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks.


  • I have this issue as well. I had to make an account to be able to see comments.

  • Hello, I have the same issue and it's extremely annoying. It's a faulty auto-pause function. I don't know what is wrong but it just doesn't seem to function properly. I guess I bought a pair that has a faulty sensor or something like that.
    Sometimes when I remove my headphones the sound doesn't pause at all. But what is far more annoying is that the sound pauses on it's own when even when the headphones are firmly positioned on my head.

    I managed to disable the auto pause through the JBL app on my phone, so the sound doesn't pause but I still get the bleeping notification that signals the auto pause on/off.

    Sometimes in my office I stretch my neck or even move slightly and I get like 5 on/off bleeping sounds in a row.
    The problem is that I bought these headphones to listen to online lessons, and that random bleeping sound goes over whatever is said in the video. It's driving me insane.

    Is anyone reading this, and what can I do about this?

    Should I replace the product or go for something entirely different if this is a common problem on this model?

  • Exactly this.

    Sometimes I just need to tilt/turn my head the tiniest amount and I get a whole bunch of bleeps.
    I already have the autopause setting turned off, that almost made me throw the headset in the trash.

    I've now pretty much reached that point again.
    There must be some way to turn of the whole thing right? Either by software or by hardware (yes I mean sticking something on it or opening up the headphone and physically disconnecting the whole thing).

  • svdheidesvdheide Posts: 2
    edited November 2022

    Hey all,

    For those few lost souls that happen to get here hoping for a solution.

    HERE IT IS!!
    I've been having a very annoying and useless conversation with Harman Support. And was so fed up with it, I decided to go out get it done myself. Here are the steps!

    1. Remove the left earpad. It just snaps of if you put a nail/screwdriver between the soft and the hard plastic.
    2. on the inside you see a small pcb with 3 contact points on it. 2 net to eachother and one a bit of the side on the outer rim.
    3. fold a bit of tinfoil a couple of times and make contact between the 2 contacts that are close together. Make sure you get the "continue-playing"-beep to know you've made a good connection
    4. stick a bit of tape over there to keep it in place.
    5. (optional) wedge a small piece of paper/rubber/foamy stuff between the foil and the pad to make sure you keep a bit of pressure on it.
    6. DONE!

    Now I am pretty sure JBL will say this voids warrenty and all that bla bla. If you do need to send it out for warranty just make sure to remove the foil and tape and no one will notice!

    Now go and enjoy your music without having a beep everytime you blink an eye or raise an eyebrow!

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