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JBL Live 460NC - Pad Triggers A Pause


I got my headphones from Amazon today and whenever I put pressure on the left pad there's a signal as if something has been connected, and when I remove the pressure they make a sound as if something was disconnected. I believe it's some sort of ear detection? Doesn't seem like an error, but a function that I'd like to be gone as it's extremely annoying. Whenever I put pressure on the pad or move it slightly (and it loses pressure) the audio gets interrupted by the signal that's now haunting me.

I tried to restart the headphones to factory settings, but it didn't do the trick for I don't need to connect with any device, they just do that on their own without connecting to anything. I have tried connecting and restarting both voice assistants, going to factory settings again. I'm helpless.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks.

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