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Hello my friends, I would like to know why my JBL GO 3 led does not light up when I put it to charge, it is charging normally, but the led does not light anymore, any method to make it turn on again?

Waiting for answers.


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    TesliJewTesliJew Posts: 6

    Check that the device is connected to a power source.
    The red indicator light stops illuminating when the battery is fully charged. The indicator light itself may have failed. Although, strangely, this has happened on a JBL speaker, the indicator on such devices should be of high quality. I understand when a cheap LED is on a child's cheap toy. I like the way the LED in https://www.vont.com/product/vont-bulb-color-smart-light-bulbs-smart-bulbs/. It would be cool to see indicators on devices with an LED like this so that it serves as a light bulb as well.

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