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Intonato and Pro Tools

Client bought an Intonato to work with Pro Tools and Atmos Renderer. Sales rep came out and setup the Intonato and tweaked the room so it is all set to play back files and render an Atmos mix. My client wants to send in audio to Pro Tools (then bridge to Atmos and out Intonato) so he can work in real time instead of printing on another system and then importing audio to Pro Tools on this PT/Atmos/Intonato system.
We are using a BSS BLUDAN to send from the iMac/ProTools computer to the Intonato (via Dante -->BLU Link). The sales rep is telling us we cannot use the Inputs on the Intonato to route signal to BLU Link out, thru the BSS BLUDAN come out Dante to get into the iMac.

Is this correct that you cannot route the inputs of this very expensive machine to the Blu Link outputs (then thru the BLUDAN)?

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