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Bluetooth signal dropout on EON Compact x 2

I’ve paired the speakers together and trying to send audio via Bluetooth them both. I’ve had success getting the connection and the JBL Compact app can see the speakers and I can tune each one separately. I watched the video that showed me how to do this on channel 4 etc - so all this seems fine. But the signal drops out all over the place. I have a shoot on Saturday with a singing cast, and these speakers are audio playback. If the track skips even once, it will destroy the sync with the video - so I need to rely on this set up 100% - like I can with any other Bluetooth speaker.
I did a factory reset on both speakers and tried various different ways of getting them to stop skipping - I used an iPad, and iPhone and an Android phone - each time trying to find a way to stop the tracks from skipping - and each time I did a factory reset - but it just won’t work - There’s basically a Bluetooth issue going on here and I need help bad! I ran a wire into them and this is reliable - but I bought these for the Bluetooth capability please help!


  • Have you called our tech support team? They can help you through this.

  • Right well.... thanks for getting back to me over a week after the actual shoot date! - That was slow. I ended up using the speakers and wiring them together - it was very annoying.
    I'm now on site in Portugal on another show and my speakers are back in Scotland. I'll happily call the tech support team - but was never given any number!?

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