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EON ONE MK2 Initial Thoughts

I’ve had the new Eon ONE MK2 for about 3 weeks now; and have completed two gigs. For solo work, I use an SM58, a Taylor acoustic, and play backing tracks from an iPad 7. In the first gig I used a Soundcraft UI12 into channel 1. No real problems with this, the unit was clear and loud in a small outdoor setting. The second gig was indoors in a fairly small room, and I used only the built-in mixer.

Getting the iPad app to work was challenging. The short version is that it required a firmware update on the unit, then uninstall the app and reinstall it. Then it works as expected. A friend also had to perform the same routine on his. I’ll save the review of the app for another post.

Using the on-board mixer made things quick to set up, but a “user error” caused a big problem. Here it is:
Make sure your mixer is in “MIX MODE” before you start playing. This is achieved by holding the “back” button for 4 or 5 seconds. If you press any buttons (even accidentally) you will be in channel edit mode. So after a couple of songs, I wanted to turn up the backing tracks in channel 3. I reached around back to turn up the dial on channel 3, not realizing I was in channel 1 edit mode. So I inadvertently boosted the mids on the vocal mic, which caused feedback issues and made the vocals sound terrible. I didn’t realize the error until break, when I looked at the app and figured out what I did. Resetting the channel EQ to the “male vocal” setting restored the great sound.

Another issue I found is that the “AFS by dbx” setting reverts back to “OFF” every power up. I did not realize this and had some minor feedback issues in the first set. I confirmed this again when I powered up at home. It would be nice to default to AFS on, and Live AFS on. After I got the EQ and AFS issues fixed, the rest of the gig sounded much better.

Once everything was corrected, the unit sounded great. Nice clear vocals, natural sounding acoustic guitar, and good loud backing tracks. The sound dispersion was good, and the sound carried to the back of the room quite well.


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    I'm going to look into last known state on AFS. Should be able to correct with firmware update. You also shouldn't need to unintall/re-install. A simple unpair from app and forget from device list should reset BLE Connection for control.

    Otherwise, glad you're happy so far.

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    Which channel has Hi-Z? Is it only the 1/4" CH 4 Line? I have a Roland Handsonic Drum pad that needs a lot of boosted gain to get loud. Should I go with CH1-3 Mic level or CH 4 Line?

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    Can you please tell me what the current firmware for Mk2 is labelled? My machine tells me is installed. When I connect (or try to connect) through Android Ap (JBL Pro Connect) it tells me that new firmware is available but fails to update it (most ever reached = 7% installed before 'failure' notice!!). Also: sliders on phone ap don't wk with machine. Yes, I've downloaded fresh Ap and factory re-set Mr2. Help required, please.

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    Update: Firmware now successfully updated to version 7 but ... still no inter-connect between sliders on ap and the machine itself.

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    @JulianPaulHastings said:
    Update: Firmware now successfully updated to version 7 but ... still no inter-connect between sliders on ap and the machine itself.

    Unpair from app, and device list. Then reconnect speaker. If that doesn't work, hold MASTER and CH4 until all LEDs flash, then re-pair the speaker.

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    bobferneebobfernee Posts: 2

    I am confused about phantom power. Yesterday I was using an MXL 400 Dynamic mic and was getting a lot of feedback. Should the phantom power be on or off? What is phantom power anyway? Not sure if I had the AFS on or off. I thought it was automatic. I had the mic set up level with the MK2, maybe even slightly in front of the speakers. Stupid, I know. I had my guitar plugged into input number four.
    The feedback was a constant irritation during my "show." Very frustrating and I felt like a hack, a rank amateur. Okay, maybe I am.

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    RickFRickF Posts: 6

    Hello, if the microphone is a dynamic mic, phantom power is not necessary. If the microphone is a condenser type mic then phantom power is necessary. Phantom power is is usually +48 volts that is sent down the mic cable to power the mic from the mixer etc. Not all mics require power which is why some work without phantom power.

    I am not familiar with your mic, however, if it works with phantom power and when you turn phantom power off it stops working it is probably a condenser mic. If it works without phantom power it is a dynamic mic.

    So the feedback issue has a few components to it. Each mic has a polar pattern associated with them. This determines where the sound is received by the mic. Depending on the pattern, some mics are better at rejecting feedback than others. If your mic has configurable patterns use a hypercardoid pattern, this rejects most side noise. If you only have cardoid use that, although it is less effective at eliminating feedback.

    We gig with a MK2 and my wife, the singer stands, directly in front of the speaker. We use a Sennheiser e935. The trick is to stand between the speaker and mic so your head also prevents feedback. Avoid pointing your mic at the speaker. Also make sure your signal chain for the mic is solid.

    As far as using AFS, it works but will not help with all feedback.

    I hope this helps,

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    bobferneebobfernee Posts: 2

    thank you, Rick for your advice and help. I think I have the phantom power mystery solved and the last time I used the MK2 I repositioned it and had no feedback issue. Seems like all is looking pretty good, thanks again!

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