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Which app is compatible to configure my PRX 800?

I need to download an App to configure my PRX 800, where do I get it? help!


  • SirLanceALotSirLanceALot Posts: 1
    edited January 11

    *** Sadly there's no PRX800 IOS app for the iPhone. Which doesn't make sense, there's an IOS app for the iPad.
    There is an app for the Android though. That's confusing because there are more iPhones out there than Androids.
    ---> It would be interesting to find out if anybody has successfully tried the iPad, or MAC, app on a PC using one of the free IOS emulators for the PC.
    If it was me designing the PRX800 software, I'd make sure there was a PC app too. Laptops have bluetooth built into them.

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