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Northridge E30 Speakers - Specifically the 338085-001 Tweeter

Hello - I did a search for both the tweeter model and speaker here and did not find anything so if I missed it - apologies in advance...

I have had these great speakers for years - coupled with a subwoofer (also for years). I use this set up with a Denon Reciever (for the last 5 years) and a Yamaha Graphic EQ (2 years).

About a year ago the tweeters blew - I was able to find an original replacement and they worked for about 5 months but blew. On both occassions I was listening to a YouTube video through my SmartTV (Samsung - 2012).

Issue I am confronted with now is that the 338085-001 Tweeter was discontinued and it looks like the replacement (443574-001) has also been discontinued - or at least is not available anywhere.

Question is: Are there any other alternatives to these tweeters for the Northridge E30? And what should I be looking at that may have caused this to begin with?


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