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JBL Live 650 headphones only output mono with aux

Hi all,

My headphones only output mono with the Aux cable. They play stereo fine with a bluetooth connection. JBL support was no help at all. I have confirmed multiple times that the problem is not the cable (tried multiple cables) or the audio unit (tried multiple devices, which played stereo with other aux headphones/speakers) and that the problem does not exist in bluetooth (played same song in bluetooth and aux).

They won't repair or send a replacement because I purchased them too long ago (it took me a while to notice the problem because I mostly listened with bluetooth and then only noticed on a song with really obvious stereo effects that I was very familiar with). All they could say was that the headphone port might be damaged.

I thought I'd post about this on here because I've seen elsewhere that I'm not the only one with this exact same problem with these headphones. I was hoping maybe to avoid having to take them to an repair shop or buying a new unit. Maybe there's a cheaper solution.

Thank you!

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