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Linking a pair of JBL Eon Compact One using Pass Thru

Hi, Noobie here looking for a few simple straightforward answers if anyone can help me please?
I will be using my JBL Eon One Compact specifically to busk for charity this Christmas.
I was concerned that one unit would not give me enough volume/coverage so I bought a second unit.
I understand that to link two units I can use a cable out of the Pass Thru Socket...

1) Am I correct in assuming that the cable required will be a MONO 1/4" Jack? (PA/Guitar type lead?)
2) Where will I connect this to on the slave unit? (I'm guessing maybe Line 1 or Line 2 on the slave using another 1/4"Jack?) OR will it need to go into the AUX in connector?
3) Will the FX added to any vocal/instrument on the Master unit be simply included in the pass thru signal or will it be a dry mix?

Sorry to ask so many questions but I originally thought that I would be able to do all of this via bluetooth linking but now I see/read that the units are sketchy if linked that way AND also have a tendency to cut out/turn off if linked to the app in cold weather ( December in the UK isn't that warm :-) )



  • If you're using a cable you connect from the Pass-Through of one speaker into any of the three inputs on the second speaker which have a 1/4" input -- in other words channels 1, 2 or 3.

    I had my first opportunity to use my two Eon One Compacts in concert last night with my community band, and I had experimented at home and found the perfect wireless connection! I used the BOSS WL-20L wireless guitar transmitter/receiver pair. I plugged my microphone into Channel One on one of the Eon One Compacts and then put the transmitterof the WL-20L (the smaller black unit) into the Pass-Through port of that speaker. I put the Receiver of the WL-20L (the larger gray unit) into channel 1 of the other Eon One Compact and I had a wireless connection that lasted just fine through the evening. And I was using a Sennheiser wireless mic setup too, so the whole evening was entirely wireless so nobody tripped on any cords or accidentally unplugged them. I had the Eon One Compacts up on speaker stands and it was an ideal sound system in an auditorium which seats 350 people.

  • nicohmnicohm Posts: 2
    Excelente te agradecería si pudieras incluir una gráfica de las conexiones
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