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MacBook - Partyboost not possible with two "JBL Xtreme 3"

Hello Folks,
I try to connect two "JBL Xtreme 3" to my MacBook Pro 2019 (Intel) in StereoMode.
It is absolutely not possible, I can make it work with my iPhone. Connect a Speaker, then with the "JBL Portable" set up the Stereo Mode for both Speakers. That is working.

As soon I try the same with my MacBook, it isn't possible. The Sound is always only on one speaker. It's not possible to pair them together.

I connect my MacBook to one Speaker, then turn the second speaker on. After that I press the PartyBoost-Button (infinity-sign), the on the second one. It is NOT working. Always only sound on the first connected Speaker.

Perhabs thats not possible or I miss something. (Firmware is the newest on both Speakers). And it is working with a iPhone.
But I need to make it work with a MacBook. How hard can that be.

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