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JBL Pro Connect app functionality

Brand new user with an EON ONE MK2.

1) The app seems rudimentary. Is there another app that can give me more control of the MK2?
2) The battery level indicator in the app is low but the MK 2 , which has been plugged in all day, shows full. Any way to get these in synch?
3) The app has a Tap button/control to set the BPM. I assume that this controls the FX module. What does this control? Delay BPM only or other features?
4) Should the app FX button/control turn the FX module on the MK 2 on and off? I don't see this reflected in the LCD display.
5) And finally, I very much would like to see a full featured app where I can control the mix levels, turn on and off individual FXs, e.g. chorus, and other useful features for live/on the fly use. I know I can save different "snapshots and load them in near real-time, but it would be great to have individual buttons/controls in the app as well.

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