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JBL EON ONE MK2 Phantom Power failure after each power cycle


My brand new JBL EON ONE MK2 seems to have a flaw in its firmware. It runs the latesst version, 5.0.7(210930).
The problem relates to phantom power.

When phantom power is enabled on channel 1 and 2 (state: ON), this state is kept in the menu also after the unit is powered off and back on again. In other words, phantom power appears to be ON after power cycling the unit, but it actually is not. To get phantom power back on after power cycling the unit, I have to first turn phantom power OFF and then ON again for each channel. This means that the unit is never ready to be powered on and used – as the channel setup has to be done every time the unit is to be used. This is too complicated and time consuming, and I suppose the problem could easily be fixed as a correction in the next firmware release. When phantom power is turned ON in the menu it should actually be ON in reality as well – also after power cycling the unit.
I this problem is not solvable soon I unfortunately have to return my unit as I need a unit that is always ‘ready for use’ without complicated setup procedures to be performed every time. I suppose this is a requirement that applies to many other customers as well.

Best regards
Per-Henning (in Norway)


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    A warning to other potential buyers of this product, if you need to use Phantom Power, be prepared to re-setup the channel configuration each and every time you are using the unit. If you need something that can be configured once and later is ready for use - this is not the product for you (or me).
    I have waited for a firmware update from JBL that is supposed to fix this problem for two months now, but now I give up and will return the unit and start looking for an alternative product that actually works.

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    Known bug. We have this fix prioritized and in process.

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