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JBL SRX 835p

I have two JBL SRX 835p powered speakers when to use them New Year's Eve and when I powered them up they lit up but did not boot up all the way it's odd that both of the speakers did the same thing they start to boot up then they shut down they start to boot up again and they shut down. I don't know what is causing this I tried to boot them up again at home and they're still doing the same thing they won't boot up all the way and work is this a common problem or an easy fix


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    ClemensNClemensN Posts: 3

    That is a classical sample of your line power being too low or, close to too low.

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    crthnsncrthnsn Posts: 1
    Same issue, SRX800 power modules cycle the JBL logo when first plugged in. They were working at the previous gig. What could cause this? Is there a way to diagnose the problem with Audio Architect?
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