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Question on connecting a mixer

When I connect my Yamaha mixer into my Eon one Mk2 channel 1 I don't get much volume unless I crank the master and gain wide open and then it will feedback and the volume is still low. Question should I keep the master and gain set low on the Mk2 and send a high amount of signal from the mixer or crank the master and gain on channel 1 and less send signal from my mixer. When I run my mixer into channel 1 should it be treated as a line signal with the Eon One Mk2 volume knob? I've been turning the knob to the mic volume side.

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    Yea your mixer would be line level. I tend to like to get everything unity gain (mixer at 0db on master, MK2 at 0db on input channel and 0db on main out on mk2) and then adjust from there. If you need to pull back, pull back first at your main out. maybe -5db. IF you're still getting feedback, pull back input channel 3-5db.

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