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Eon One MK2 - mic volume about 1/4 of bluetooth streaming volume

Brand new Eon One MK2 which I need to use this weekend. All replies greatly appreciated.

I tested bluetooth streaming on the speaker first, was blown away by how loud it was. GREAT, I thought.

Now I just plugged a mic in and its like a quarter of the volume. I have to turn mic to +40db and master to -2db to get a useable volume, but its still way quieter than I need it to be. Limiter is off.

I have outside street theatre gigs booked. Need all the mic volume please! How?


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    cabpilotcabpilot Posts: 3

    I usually set the master to around 6 or 7db and crank the channel 1 mic input to around 38db. I also set the EQ to male vocal and turn the AF to on. I agree that it is seems louder streaming music through the Mk2

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    edited April 2022

    What microphone are you using? Even at +40db, you have another 16db (goes to 56db) of usable gain. Are you feeding back? If so, is AFS engaged? A BT stream from a phone is sending a higher level of gain immediately than a microphone. You should be able to get up higher on the mic input gain if needed.

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