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JBL SRX 835P Missing serial number

I recently purchased a new SRX835P when i took it out of the box there was no serial number sticker or marking on cabinet where one fell off and to make the situation more fun the cabinet is defective channel one gain knob sticking low output from both channels i contacted the dealer they told me to send it back and they would ship a new one when Fedex was getting ready to deliver the new one the dealer canceled the delivery and requested FEDEX return new speaker to them when i called they said i was out of luck because the sticker was missing now they have my speaker and i can't get an answer on the status What are my options


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    eveready3eveready3 Posts: 1
    I bought JBL srx 815p new from zzound sounds later I discovered both speaker Don't have serial numbers how do I get serial numbers help.
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