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712 as stage monitor?

I’ve been looking for powered monitors for myself and a few of the bands I do sound for. I’m handicapped, so stuff needs to be light . Bands are louder guitar based country and rock.

I bought a pair of 712s at Sweetwater. Before I send them back. Here’s why they crushed me:

1- pole mount - they just swirl around. No locking mechanism that I can see.

2- unlike some other brands (and maybe irx?) you can only stream to one speaker

3) I had to set the speaker to unity (Odb) to get any practical level to hear my Hammond with the band. And at 0, speakers are pretty noisy.

4) at least to me, a 30 yr full time working recording engineer, linking the speakers was a nightmare. Again, everything had to be maxed then fed with a mixer.

5) the manual is hopeless. Telling me yellow light means Super Strong signal is not exactly good audio grammar. Can it always be yellow? Can’t tell from manual.

6) as stage monitors, am I correct in saying speaker one should be maxed at 0, then a pass through XLR To input 1 of speaker 2, then max out speaker 2? That will give me the same volume from each correct? (When I tried speaker 2 seemed softer)

7)I like the app bc of the eq. But the sliders are hopeless. This has been noted thousands of times online

If I struggle with this stuff, I can’t imagine at a high pressure festival that my stage crew can figure these out. I read that the app had issues, but got these in lieu of the Yamahas, EV ZLX12s or even JBL IRX (which is lighter). I’m not a sound dummy. But it took me hours to get useable sound out of them. And then, non locking pole mount almost tore mixer off desk when testing.

I’m sure a lot of this is pilot error. I’d appreciate any help before I send these back.


  • 1) for pole mount, reach out to our tech support team and they'll send you a pole shim to fit your polemount free of charge.

    2) You can currently only BT stream to 1 speaker.

    3) Try to add some gain in the menu, and turn your individual channel down. So run gain at +6db an channel at -6db and see if that reduces noise. The preamps aren't really that noisy for me, but I've never tested a Hammond.

    4) I'm unclear what you're referring to as linking. In the app? BT?

    5) I'll work on the manual clarity

    6) That's correct. Shouldn't be softer. What's main output at?

    7) We're working on the sliders now and will have an update in 3 weeks or so.

  • Tim_OgleTim_Ogle Posts: 4
    1. Pass through feature:
    I have not had any luck with the pass through connection. I can get sound out of one speaker connected BT for audio (not the PRO app). I run a xlr
    Cable from pass through in the speaker receiving BT audio to the other speaker channel 1 or 2 and there is no sound no matter my attempts.

    2. When using the BT JBL PRO CONNECT app I push the locate function and nothing indicates it is locating either speaker. (I don’t have this problem when using my EON ONE Compact w/ JBL Compact app).

    So far there is nothing simple or user friendly with this series.
  • Simon31Simon31 Posts: 2

    Pretty sure you can't use the pass through feature to connect the second speaker if you're blue-toothing to the first one.

    There is already a a thread that explains you can only stream music via bluetooth to one speaker currently. I personally don't understand why you can't just connect the 2nd speaker with an XLR using the pass through feature to the other speaker ... perhaps you need a direct signal to start with to use the pass through. That's what I'm assuming.

    Hopefully JBL can do something in an upcoming firmware upgrade to fix this. It seems rather weird to me that you can't get the audio coming out of 2 speakers when using BT ... anyway I'm sure someone a lot smarter than myself at JBL will figure it out as it does seems a pretty big oversight when you have a lot of people using these speakers for DJing.

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