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Setting volume/gain on EON712 to get good mic volume

Can someone explain all the gains and volumes on the EON700 series?
First you have Channel Gain
Then you have Master Volume
You also have Channel Gain within the Main menu that is different from the actual channel knobs.
AND......there is also pass through gain...

I feel like I'm missing something.

I am using the pass through to go from one speaker to another.
I can't get the volumes balanced equally.
Also....playing music from a computer to the mixer and out to the speakers is touch and go.

AND...what is the difference between the SIG/CLIP lights and the LIMIT light?
I can't get a usable volume without the SIG/CLIP going Red.

I can't get a usable mic volume.
I'm using a Shure SM58.

On Page 13 https://jblpro.com/en/site_elements/eon700-series-user-guide
There are features lettered A through K.
But then only A - H are explained.


  • I don't use mic with my EON715, but from what I understand for mic level sources using the preamp gain setting in the menu is a must. However I'm beginning to feel like it's also required for line level sources in some situatioins e.g. when sending pass thru to subs.

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