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PRX One and JBL Pro app

This is my first experience with the PRX One. So far I like the features and the sound. The documentation for the system is very poor and leaves out so many detailed settings and what they will Impact. The app for iOS is barely useful in it’s v0.0.8 state. Sliders are super jumpy or have such a delay as it is embarrassing to set up because it is bouncing all over. The settings that you can save, only save to the device they are set with, some if you create and save a setup for the future, it will only show up on the device where it is created, not on another iOS device like an iPad running the same app. What? This must mean the pre-sets are stored on the device the app is running on and does not transfer. Is anyone else struggling with setup and use issues? I have too many to list here. Watched every video I could find on this but they are all thin in terms of details.


  • Please try the app on mobile for best experience. The new tablet version will be out around July 7th.

  • phadderphadder Posts: 2

    yes, disappointing to buy this PRX one and having to deal with the poor quality android tablet app. sliders aren't working, also wondering why there is no level indicator per channel on it.

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