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Auto pause on JBL live 460 NC

Hello I have a problem with my JBL live 460NC and It's a faulty auto-pause function. I don't know what is wrong but it just doesn't seem to function properly. I guess I bought a pair that has a faulty sensor or something like that.

Sometimes when I remove my headphones the sound doesn't pause at all. But what is far more annoying is that the sound pauses on it's own when even when the headphones are firmly positioned on my head.

I managed to disable the auto pause through the JBL app on my phone, so the sound doesn't pause but I still get the bleeping notification that signals the auto pause on/off.

Sometimes in my office I stretch my neck or even move slightly and I get like 5 on/off bleeping sounds in a row.
The problem is that I bought these headphones to listen to online lessons, and that random bleeping sound goes over whatever is said in the video. It's driving me insane.

My questions:

Should I go and get my pair replaced?
Is this a common problem on this model?
Is there a way to completely remove that auto pause functionality? Not just to stop videos from pausing, but also to remove that bleeping sound that indicates that earphones are removed/placed on my head?

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