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JBL EON715 Passtru / Pass-thru - Low volume on second unit

Hi there :)

It's my first post here, so, hello everyone! :D

I'm trying to connect a second EON715 on the pass-thru port on the main one, but I get a much lower volume, almost a quiet volume...

I saw the settings menu of the port, it's activated and everything seems fine.

Do you guys have this problem before?

Also, it's not a hardware problem because I've tested connecting another unit (I have 8x EON715) and the problem stays the same. How can I solve this? :)

Thank you,


  • Make sure to update your firmware to most current version. Also, make sure that all of your units have the volume up. Lastly, perform a factory reset.

  • Just got off with support. Apparently the Passthru output from speaker A is sending a mic level signal or lower to speaker B input. Using the Main Gain knob or the Channel gain knobs on speaker B are not sufficient to bosst the signal to an audible level. You need to go into the Main menu and select the first option: GAIN. Then for input channel on speaker B connected to the Passthru output of speaker A, you must add input makeup gain on that channel. This makes it very difficult to balance volumes across the 2 speakers. And you can not make these adjustments from the JBL Pro Connect app either. Apparently on the previous generation 600 models there was a mic/line level button on the passthru configuration that could sync the initial level of the inputs for both speakers. I'd like to see a firmware update that corrects this default behavior and send the same signal level to speaker B that is being received in speaker A. Or come up with some other workflow that removes the need for discrete manual balancing for each of the connected speakers. True, the Main & Channel gain knobs provide you the capability to have different OUTPUT volumes per speaker, but it is also easier to sync the OUTPUT volume as you can see the output level you are selecting for each speaker. Or you can link the speakers in JBL Pro App and control both OUTPUT levels from one volume slider.

    Appreciate an upcominh update to help improve this workflow for gigging musicians. Thank you!

  • I've been experiencing a similar (maybe the same) problem when sending pass thru to an amp that powers my passive (non-JBL) sub. I can connect a phone direct to the amp and the signal is almost too loud, whereas the pass thru coming from the EON715 barely registers. I know I can boost it somewhat by making the signal from the DJ mixer as hot as reasonably possible and by using channel GAIN via the EON's menu, but it seems real strange I have to work so hard to get a decent pass thru signal. In the pass thru settings the PT gain is maxed out at 6dB. I have zero idea why there is an option to even turn down the pass thru level.

    Another related issue is that the main volume knob impacts the pass thru level. This means I have to turn the main level up more than I would like, just to get any signal for the sub. I like to have more sub than top sound for my music, so I've resorted to applying high cut EQ via the app and turning the whole thing up. I'm convinced this can't be normal, but so far I have no better idea.

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