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PRX One Failing after 3.5 months

Posting here to see if anyone has experienced a similar issue or to draw some attention to this as I've not heard back from Harman service.

A couple weeks ago my system started rebooting itself repeatedly when setting up for a gig. After unplugging it a couple times it fixed itself. It did it again when I set up for my next gig but again it fixed itself and stayed on the whole gig. This happened to coincide with an android update that change some Bluetooth settings so I thought maybe that had something to do with it and wasn't overly concerned.

Now this past weekend I'm setting up and it happened again but will not recover. It boots to the volume screen and the app picks it up for a few seconds but then it freezes and restarts. Cannot use any buttons or even factory reset it. I've tried multiple power sources and cables, let it sit in a cool, dry environment, made sure whatever contacts I have access to are clean. Etc.

So this was pretty embarrassing at the gig this past weekend. I have several shows lined up for the rest of this month, and the only repair center within 3 hours of me has a tech that's coming back from vacation and is backlogged (plus I'm sure they're just going to send it to Harman anyway) so now I'm stuck waiting for a response from Harman directly, then I've gotta ship this thing from RI to San Diego, which means I spent almost 2k on a PA and I'll be stuck borrowing speakers from someone for my gigs forngod knows how long.

Am I the only one? If anyone has had a similar issue and fixed it, or if someone from jbl can recommend additional troubleshooting steps please let me know. If it's simply a power supply issue I'd be happy to replace it myself if they sent the part. I just need this thing up and running asap.


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    Are you still having the surprise shutdown issue? I just picked one up a few days ago. Worked great on the first use. A few days later - it abruptly shut off 3 times during my gig. Not good. Any advice here on why this happened and how to fix this would greatly be appreciated.
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    I'm having the exact same reboot issue, mine is about 5 months old. Luckily, it's still under warranty, taking it to the repair facility in Cincinnati tomorrow.

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