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EON712 - low volume

Hi, I've just purchased a lovely pair of EON712s. Blue toothed the one speaker (pity you can't do two, hope that's fixed soon) and to my phone and played some music through it ... incredible sound - very very loud and the clarity was incredible.
However, I didn't buy the EONs to play Spotify through. I'm a muso (guitar, vocals along with Backing Tracks played through a TC Helicon 3Xtreme). This is where my problem starts.
When I hook up the VLX3 via 2 x XLR cables - the left channel to one speaker, the right channel to the other - the volume coming through the EONs is ... well, it's pretty poor. I can virtually speak over the top of it and it's nowhere near the same volume level i can get with the streamed music from my phone.
I have used the VLX3 with another PA and it wasn't a problem - i know how to set everything up. I even ran the XLRs into a Headrush FRFR108 and it was considerably louder than the EONs even with the volume on 2 (out of a max 10) without changing a single setting on the VLX3.
I have tried turning up all the volumes and gains on the EONs (even the one in the menu) ... but i can't get it any louder as it's already clipping on the channel 2.

I have seen other people making similar comments.

I really want to keep these speakers but if i can't get a better volume level, I"m sending them back for a refund.
I can't see why i can't get the same volume level as I can obviously get with the streamed music.

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