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I have just purchased two EON718s subs after hearing how well the 618s sounded at a gig I played a couple of weeks ago, and the 718s seem to spec out a little better. So far, indoors the 718s shake the pictures off the walls. However, outside they were a little weak (in my large back yard on the grass). We will have our first live use of them on October 13th, so that will be the test.

I love the sound of them, I have updated the firmware on both. Did this firmware upgrade fix the Limiter light issue?

Another question is, if the limiter light comes on, does that simply mean that the limiter has engaged but no damage is being done, or should I do diligence to keep the limiter light from coming on?

I was going to buy a pair of EON712 speakers but I have a lovely pair of SRX725s powered by a Crown XLS Drivecore 2500. They sound loud and amazing. By the way, what is the brand of the amp inside the 718s?

Oops, another thing. I cannot register my 718s subs, they do not come up on the list. Only the EON715 does.

Again, thanks!


  • Hi JBL,

    I just recently bought my 718s a week ago.
    Same issues and concern about the limiter.

    May we know how to fix that?


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