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EON 612 is cutting in and out rapidly.

We have 6 of these we are using for monitor wedges. One in cutting in and out rapidly, almost like pulsing sound. We've done a reset but it doesn't help. Any idea what it might be? They are still within the year warranty.


  • djkxxdjkxx Posts: 1
    My best guess is that the 12” is shot. I have had the same issues a few times on the 615. You can try to verify by playing some music with very little low frequencies that does not move the cone much. If it sounds alright at low volume, try to increase volume and change to a track with a lot of bass which will make the woofer move. This should clearly trigger the problem. If this does not make sens or the problem also affects the tweeter then I’m not sure. Maybe something with the electronics and/or the input.
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