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EON 700 Presets

Hi. Bought a pair of EON 712s for my bands PA. I have scoured the internet looking for descriptions of the presets that are included and I cannot find the info I am looking for. Some of the presets seem self explanatory. Like Dj, Speech, Flat, Monitor. Others, like KTV (or is it TKV? Not in front of the speaker as I write this) , Cafe, Off Wall are not so obvious. Can anyone direct me to where I might find info of the presets and their applications?

Another question would be, whats the best preset for a pretty loud rock and roll band? Would you use the custom preset and use the JBL app to set the EQ or would you go with flat and use a mixer to dial in the EQ?

Thanks! Edley


  • This is what I found in the User Manual - it doesn't have descriptions of the presets you mention, but it does detail how to navigate to the Output EQ, where you can see what the presets are doing, and even adjust the bands individually, creating a custom EQ that works for your application.

     • The Output EQ is a package of filter adjustments on the main mix before the audio feeds to the amp and speaker. 
          It includes a collection of easy to select preset curves for common speech and music styles. Each preset can also 
          be loaded into the Custom preset for detailed user adjustable of output parametric EQ’s. The user has 
          for individual band level, frequency, and width (“Q”). 
          • “Output EQ” On/Off enables or bypasses the current settings in the output EQ processor. 
          • “Presets” enables rotation of the Main/Menu knob to view and select from the Output EQ presets. 
               • Scroll the menu to “Presets” and press the MAIN/MENU knob. 
               • Rotate the MAIN/MENU knob to view the available presets. 
               • Click the MAIN/MENU knob to load the currently listed preset. 
               • Users can load the Custom preset, then double click the MAIN/MENU knob to open the Master 
                    EQ editing page. Inside this graph display page you may rotate the MAIN/MENU knob to a specific 
                    parametric EQ number and click the MAIN/MENU knob again to select to edit the gain (plus or minus 
                    in dB), filter frequency, or “Q” (i.e. adjust the filter width.)
                    • Users can load any preset as a starting point, then scroll down and adjust any setting to load the 
                       current curve as the Custom preset for further editing. A confirmation dialog will appear, warning 
                       the user that doing this will remove the current Custom preset settings and load it with the 
                       currently viewed settings.
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