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Series3 305P MkII auto powering off ....?

Hi people, first time caller here.
Our Postproduction facility is using the 305P MkII (5" Powered Monitors) in a few of our video edit suites. The rooms are configured as simple 5.1 listening environments. We are noticing that the surround speakers are occasionally auto powering off..? Sometimes the rooms are switched to stereo mode only, other sessions the rooms get switched back to 5.1 mode (we use a BSS processor to EQ/Mute/Solo and switch listening modes). It's our finding that if the individual speakers don't see active audio signals coming into them (lets say for 48 hours) ....the speakers shut off automatically. The front LED is OFF and no audio passes through yet the main power switch on the rear is still ON. If you turn that power switch OFF and then back ON, all is well again. I can't seem to find any info on this 'feature' in the User Manual. We have at least 6 speakers that do this.
Is this indeed a feature?
Can this feature be turned off?
Thanks for your help!

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