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PRX 818 XLFW Limit Light and Fan On, No Sound

Hi. Hoping for some assistance. condition: No sound but powered on, limit light is on, fan is on. Tried factory reset with no results.

How it happened: mixer right and left outputs into the 818 inputs, mains passed through the 818 outputs. Tested before event and everything was good. First dance song, right when it dropped, the sub stopped playing after a few hard hits. The sub still passed signal through to mains but no sounds comes from the sub. After getting it home, I tried to troubleshoot with no change.

Issue: When powering and after it initializes, the limit light comes on and the fan turns on regardless of where gain is set and regardless of whether it has signal connected. It's acting like it hit a protection circuit that won't release back to normal operation.

Any ideas?



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