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Ora all,

I am having issues with my iPad app above. Ever since I have updated to IOS 16 the app won’t stay on the screen when I click on load show etc. it cuts off making it impossible to click the confirm key. Any ideas??

I have downloaded and re-download many times.


  • So this has been an issue since December and we still don't have a resolution for it? I was unable to use this app and it almost cost me a show. Updates to the progress of the app would do wonders.

    Thank you,

  • I'd like to know where we are with this app update. Has any progress been made? Has this been abandoned? There are people that need this app to work. Are there any other alternatives?

  • **** BUMP ****

  • Any update on this? This has been an issue for the better part of a year now and we still don't have a fix for it.

  • ************* BUMP ************** Sure wish someone would actually answer questions on the timeline of getting this fixed.

  • I have the same issue that you’ve mentioned above. What is the solution to this issue? Looks like the app has not been updated in 8 years!!?? does JBL expect us to revert back to iOS 15 to use this app? does anybody monitor these posts?
    A response would be appreciated
  • if this is JBL Pro software, where is the pro tech support?
  • I don't think anyone monitors this forum. This software is so out of date. I am having the same frustration with the dbx software. Makes me question how good their hardware support would be. Thankfully, I haven't had to use it.

  • MCKMCK Posts: 1

    Same problem. Did you find the solution ?

  • Nope, still waiting on whomever does their software development to come up with a fix. If I took this long to develop a fix for software, I'd be fired.

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