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JBL EON One Pro Portable Column PA System - Bluetooth volume Problem

Good day everyone.

I have a JBL EON One Pro Portable Column PA System that is about four years old that I have been very happy with. A few days ago during a rehearsal, I needed to stream a song from my phone through the bluetooth to the JBL so that the group could listen, as a reference. The audio connected and did stream, but it was at a volume so low that it was barely audible in a room full of people. I've checked it again, and I find no volume adjustment except for the master knob that will impact the level of the bluetooth playback. Has this ever occurred to others, and is it something that can be fixed?

I found an article that said a factory reset can be performed if you " press and hold the phantom and ducking buttons for five seconds." What the heck is the "Ducking" button, and where would I find that, if this might help?

Thank you to anyone who may be able to help.


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    This question went unanswered for 10+ days, but I have an update. I deleted the JBL EON One from my phone, and then re-paired it, and it worked perfectly fine. Not really sure what created the problem when I needed to stream a song during a rehearsal, but now I know what to try if/when it happens again.

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    I have the eon one compact. It has that ducking button you were talking about. I think it lowers one channel so you can hear the other better. Like if you had music playing and wanted to speak into a microphone. It would lower the music some and be in the background.

    I had the same volume issue. I think it’s just a glitch in the Bluetooth. I just hit forget this device in the Bluetooth settings and then paired again. All better ROCK ON!
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