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Clipping Light on EON 712

Hi. There are 2 indicator lights on the back of these speakers. A CLIPPING indicator and a LIMIT indicator. I am running XLR cables from from my Yamaha mixer to 2 EON 712s. I have 2 vocal mics and 2 guitars coming from the line out of the guitar amps going into the mixer. The level meter on the mixer shows all the sources at 0dB with just an occasional peak slightly above that. So I think the sources are set fine as far as levels go. When our band starts playing the CLIPPING light turns from green a steady yellow, never red. The LIMIT light never turns red. Is this the way the CLIPPING light should behave? Is having a steady yellow light on the CLIPPING indicator damaging my speakers? If this is not ok and my levels on the mixer are all at 0dB then is it a GAIN adjustment that needs to be made to the channel on the speaker itself? Thanks! Eddie

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