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JBL Compact App No Longer Working On Any Device


We have been very happy owners of an EON Compact Speaker since early Summer of '22...until this issue has been affecting our usage of the speaker on gigs:

On any device I have had previously linked to my EON Compact, this is the message we get when opening the app:
"This app works with JBL EON ONE Compact Loudspeakers only."

We have already tried 1) uninstalling and reinstalling the app 2) made sure to turn off all other nearby bluetooth sources 3) "forget this device" and re-added the bluetooth 4) turned the speaker off and on

We are having to manually operate the speaker, which is really tough.

How can we get this error message to stop reading on the app and be able to use the app?

Thank you so much!



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    I had to do a factory reset in order to get the app to work again.

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