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prx one pass thru not working

Hi ,

I bought 2 prx one of the speaker #1 work fine via Bluetooth. The speaker #1 pas thru input enabled which I connected Xlr cable on back that say pass thru to speaker #2 tsar port on channel #2 . I turn on speaker #2 volume which already led up , no sound. Is there anything I miss?


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    Did u ever get an answer… im having same issue
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    I also invested in two PRX-One system which I want to use with larger venues. But I need a “best-practice” guide on how to set this up. I am palying in a duo, and we plug in 2 mics, 2 guitars + seperate bass from a BOSS OC-5 pedal. I hope I did not waste my money!

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    Can you help me @brandon_knudsen
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    jamoislandjamoisland Posts: 1

    anyone? my pass thru quit working. its not even on the main menu lcd now. i think it was before. now it just says mix out

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