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I have contacted JBL support about this just recently so still waiting to hear back.

I love my eon one MK two and have had it since they were first available for purchase.

However, the February 9, 2023 firmware update is presenting to very serious problems for me.

1) The Bluetooth control channel remains dead for about 20 seconds or more once the app is returned from background or phone lockscreen (using iPhone 12 and latest OS). This is at a minimum very frustrating when trying to mute/unmute the bt channel quickly for karaoke, for example.

2) The second **** more serious issue **** is that the red limiter light on my eon one mk2 is almost constantly flashing during use starting at *nominal* volume levels. This also began after the February 9 fw update. I don’t really feel confident using the system while the red limiter light is blinking almost constantly throughout the song - not just at peaks. This happens with an acoustic guitar and vocals just in my basement while practicing. And I’m not playing aggressively at the time —my line levels are about +24 db and the master volume is set at -11 to -8db. ****This was not happening before the February 9, 2023 firmware update****.

I really hope JBL corrects these issues. I love(d?) my eon one MK2. I bought it right when it was released. But now I’m starting to think about a new system. However, I can’t honestly sell this to someone else with the issues it has described above. Humbly asking, JBL please fix this. I know these issues are easily addressable with a firmware update. I have contacted the JBL support line with the same concerns above.

Thank you.

Ron J


  • knaumovknaumov Posts: 1
    edited March 6

    I've seen the same red light (clipping) issue. It happens when on connected to power. While on battery, it's in green, not as loud, but it doesn't indicate clipping. When connected to power, it goes red, and red, and red at low/normal volumes ...

  • ronjronj Posts: 4
    Knaumov, that’s the same thing I’m seeing as well. When on battery i never see the limiting light flash red. At first i thought because less output is achievable on battery (119db vs 123db with ac). However i get the limiter kicking in at volumes much lower than the max volume i can play with battery power, where no limiting is activated (flashing red light). I’m not splitting hairs either. The volume level differences are easily discernible. Which makes me believe even further that when on AC power after the software update there’s a combination of things going wrong, exploiting a bug somewhere.

    I was actually able to go to the local guitar center and play the same exact track via Bluetooth from my phone on the demo model in the store, which luckily had the previous firmware version. At even louder volumes then I played it at home, the store demo model with the previous firmware version, did not flash red, the limiter never kicked in.
  • td19vntd19vn Posts: 1
    After updating newest firmware, the output sound on my Sennheiser e865 is very different from the previous firmware. The same setting but the ouput is very bad. It seems has no chorus, no echo. The sound is very dry and weird. I hope JBL soon release new firmware to fix all the issue above.
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