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I have a very lightly used Eon One Pro that won’t work at all..LED’s start with flashing green (indicating it is charging) then reverts to flashing red light and stays in that mode. Tried disconnecting the battery and using on 110v only but still dead..still flashing red led’s..beyond frustrated..I now have a boat anchor..what a POS. I assume the battery is dead and needs replacing but this unit should work on electricity. Anyone got ideas?


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    BruceBBruceB Posts: 2

    I have one of these damn things that I was able to use exactly twice pre-Covid. After having been in climate controlled storage in my music room for a couple of years mine is also no longer functional due to a dead battery. All of the LED's continuing to flash red while the unit is plugged in indicates a dead battery. The EON One Pro unfortunately will not run on AC without a functioning battery. I would say we have boat anchors but they're probably too light even for that use. You can try https://reconingspeakers.com/products-page/jbl-eon-one-pro-battery-5091181-00/. I contacted them by email and they are insistent that these are available even though they will supposedly come directly from JBL and JBL says they are _not _ currently available. The replacement battery cost there is $299 which is probably more than I want to spend. If you do order one through The Speaker Exchange link above let us know how it goes. I for one have a hard time imagining ever buying another JBL product knowing it may have to be completely scrapped in 3-4 years.

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