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PRX ONE for band

Hi, I have played for many years with a blues/rock band and we are now considering the possibility of a PRX one for PA. It's a four piece band, consisting of - 2 vocals, gtr, bass, keys and drums (mic only the kick). Mainly small to average size pub gigs. I would appreciate any advice on the following-
1. Would a pair of prx ones have enough low end to handle the bass and keys?
2. I hope to run the pa without monitors, is the automatic feedback suppression feature any good?
Thanks in advance..


  • remingtimremingtim Posts: 2

    Hey Drew,

    I bought one of these for acoustic gigs and got so many compliments on the sound quality that I decided to buy a 2nd one and try running my band off of them. I use my PreSonus external mixer into them and they sound amazing. Plenty of bass response. You can run directly off the PRX One internal mixer for sure, I just have too many inputs to use the onboard mixer. Here is a video of my band playing an outside private party with them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baMtCerh7Sc

  • DrewHamillDrewHamill Posts: 2
    Hi Tim, thanks for your reply, much appreciated. Your band sounds great!
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