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PRX615M No Sound - help diagnose next steps?

rlakinrlakin Posts: 4

I've was given a couple PRX615M's from local church that was upgrading their house system. ONe works fine, this other one will not produce any sound. I'm told that someone plugged in an amp powered output to the input of the PRX, and the speaker never worked since. I'm trying to decide whether to fix it or just use it to salvage parts.

When power it on, nothing lights up; no light on front, nothing from signal or limit indicators on back.
When I give it a signal, the limit light will flash as I increase the signal or increase the level.
There is never any sound from LF or HF drivers: no popping, no hiss, no scratch.
I swapped the power fuse (above plug) and both fuses look intact.

So is there anything else I can try? Are there any internal fuses?

Is it worth repairing; if so what kind of repair cost am I looking at? Can I even still buy the power amp section of this cab?

Everything else about the speaker is in excellent shape; its lived its life on a pole in a church. I paid zero dollars so repair may be 'worth it'.

Thanks for any ideas offered!

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