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JBL SR4732A and 2404H tweeter not working…

Ok, I got some new to me SR4732A speakers. The 2404 did not work in either, so the diaphragms I had replaced professionally in Nashville. I get the 2404 home, reinstall them in the 4732A and one of the 2404H does not work. I remove it and switch it with the other that is working in the other speaker, not working. Now I believe that there is something maybe going on with the crossover in one of my SR4732a. Anyone have any ideas on what I could do? All the the drivers work, the horn and the two woofers are fine. Am I missing that much by the 2404 being silent. I apologize for all the questions and any help would be appreciated.


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    red71rumred71rum Posts: 2

    Ok, I believe it is the crossover. If the 2404 is not working, how much am I missing considering all the other drivers work, the horn, woofers etc? I am using these in a home theater environment. Do the 2404 really make a big difference if I cannot replace the crossovers and get the 2404 working again?

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