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JBL EON ONE volume dropout issue.

I use the EON ONE as my main gigging speaker. I run an acoustic guitar and mic into inputs 1 and 2 using XLR cables. Every now and then I’ll get a sudden volume drop, usually when I’m playing and strumming pretty loud.

The signal sounds like it peaks and then drops to a fuzzy distorted whisper. It doesn’t return to normal for a while after that, and when it does it’ll usually be a sudden volume spike and then go back and forth between the full loud output and the quiet fuzzy output.

I’m wondering if there’s some kind of limiter function that I’m driving too hard and causing this issue. I don’t have any of the volume knobs turned up past half way, the master and channel output volumes aren’t set that loud either. Sometimes I do strum pretty hard and sing pretty loud - it’s just my playing style.

I’m in desperate need of a fix. This problem is intermittent and I never know when the issue will strike and ruin a gig, but it seems to be getting worse.


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    MaraMara Posts: 7
    How horrible. I'm afraid this product is not reliable at all and the support for it sucks. JBL used to be a great company with great support and they sold all their support team to another country and it absolutely sucks now shame on you JBL.
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    My JBL Eon One PA (all-in-one) speaker system had this problem years ago, and I haven't been able to use it since, unfortunately; Guitar Center said they can't repair it nor refer me to anywhere other than the manufacturer who referred me to any local shop, but there aren't any; I haven't found any solutions online, and based on this-, and a Reddit thread - it looks like every other JBL Eon One owner and I are in the same boat; no support, and no definitive answers as to why this is actually happening, nor solutions to resolve it. I'm tempted to just start taking screws out to disassemble the damn thing since I don't have anything to lose. I hadn't turned the PA on in years, because the last couple times I turned it on - it wasn't playing any of the highs/treble frequencies; however, today, it started-out playing normal, and I thought about listing it for sale as-is, but was afraid it would be bad karma for me to sell it knowing the problem is intermittent. Literally just a couple songs in - the highs went out again. Yeah; I'm tempted to start taking it apart to see if there's a dead rodent in there or anything obvious, like a burned-out transistor on a motherboard, or something; I'm skeptical though, and doubt I'll find anything obvious; I'm far from a sound engineer, but I would feel worse if I didn't try anything, and just threw it into the trash - absorbing the $1,000 +/- investment loss. I still wish someone at JBL/Harman would step up to the plate - maybe offer to pay for me to ship it to them to take a look at, then mail it back to me repaired; I haven't mistreated the unit, or done anything to deserve this type of service from what I expected to be a premium quality product. Based on the poor customer support I received, it is highly unlikely I would buy from this brand again, nor would I recommend its professional audio sound products to anyone.

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