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JBL Eon One mkii - Pass thru issue

Hi all, anyone else find it annoying that the pass thru option on the is Eon One mkii not pre-fader? I use the pass thru to send the signal to a foldback speaker but it would make far more sense to have the volume control independent of the main fader on the mkii, and there doesn't seem to be an option to do this.
Surely having a pre-fader option makes it a far more useable unit when plugging in to venues with an in-house system (as the unit could then double as a mixer and foldback for the performer), and hopefully it's an easy update of the firmware if enough people wanted it?


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    meesterthingymeesterthingy Posts: 2

    Update for those lurking on the interwebs, in the latest firmware update they implemented pre-fader pass thru! I would like to take 100% of the credit for this feature being added :)

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