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EON One MK2 few questions [NEWBIE ALERT]

Hey there,
I am a new owner of the Eon One MKII. I am coming from several Bose products I have used and enjoyed gigging with quite extensively. I am wrapping my head around the MKII. So far it is pretty straightforward. It is getting ready for its maiden voyage.

A few questions:
1. What does the lock feature do in the mixer menu? I cannot find any documentation on it.

  1. Is there any hope for a noise gate per channel in a future update? As an all-in-on solution this seems pretty mandatory. Some would argue compression too...any information is appreciated.

  2. I bought the cover (the one without wheels). Why doesn't this have a pocket for the power cable? Where do folks put the power cable otherwise?

Thanks for this product. I am pretty impressed so far!

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