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500MHZ noise after firmware update on EON712

After I did a firmware update on my 3 EON712s, they have a constant noise at 500mhz. No change in volume regardless of what setting I change on the speaker. Once I have an input signal that rises above the noise floor, you can't hear it. But when I stop the music, it's there and not acceptable. Has anybody else come across this? And if so, is there a solution to stop the noise? See and hear attached video with audio. https://youtube.com/shorts/GjJrUT0AEJE?si=hZqu7giTXh4Y6ZR0


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    Hi, I have the exact same issue since I updated the firmware on my EON715. I made a YouTube video to show the issue. I wrote to the company 2 days ago. No answer for now.

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    Hi guys, I have same issue when I updated my both PRX915. Same tone on both speakers

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    I also got the same issue on both my EON712 and EON715 after the latest update This sound is really annoying!! Please JBL - can you fix this issue asap - please!
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    Same here. Brand new speakers. First thing I did was upgrade the firmware and it went from a bit of his to annoying tone.
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    TahaTaha Posts: 1

    I got two EON715 everything was perfect until I updated from 6.0.4 to, is there any way to revert the firmware, this is very annoying

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    New firmware - I think it might be resolved?

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