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JBL partybox 710 pause playing when max volume

Hi, please help... JBL partybox 710 makes a pause in music playing when the volume reaches to the max. After 1 second pause it continues to play at max volume without any issues. Also, the light dims (blinks) too for less than a second, once it reaches the max volume. When it's ON but not playing music I increasing the volume to the max and the light blinks too. This is my third JBL partybox 710 in 1 month time... First one did not make this pausing in max volume (or perhaps I did not notice). But I returned first one because wanted something else. The second speaker I bought has this strange issue with pausing. So I contacted JBL and they suggested I should return it because it might be faulty. So, I returned the second and now I have my third partybox 710... And it does the same- the sound and light briefly goes away once it reaches the max volume, then it plays as normal and keeps on max volume without problem. So, I was very curious and checked on YouTube. Apparently, all partybox 710 which in videos went to the max volume make this muting in sound and blink in light once it reaches max volume... So, now I'm thinking, perhaps this is normal? Maybe this is some "handy" function to keep user informed that the speaker has reached the full volume? I would very appreciate if all owners of JBL partybox 710 could share their experience please, are these spekers suppose to behave like this? I'm desperate for a help, please.
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