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Jbl eon 718's with a pair of older eon 615's

G'day everyone. I am not only new to this forum but new to PA systems let alone active systems. I am a drummer of some 50 years so this might explain why I need help. 🤣
After getting online and you tubing how to connect my eon 615's and eon 718s to my little Mackie dbx 6 channel mixer I proceeded using xlr microphone balanced cables as recommended by the audio store. Using the subs cross over i connected from mixer to the sub and out to the 615's. Please remember I have never in 50 years taken any notice of pa systems but I obviously should have.
With all volumes down I nervously powerd up everything and the sub even at no volume had a faint hum.
First question is, is that normal? I was too scared to turn the volume up let alone speak into the mic .
Second question is does anyone have any diagrams I can easily follow regards ways of connecting all this together correctly.
The you tube video used some terms regards what is written in the assigned xlr connections Not found back of my sub, pass thru on my sub was not mentioned as such in the video so I was left to guess.
Also before hooking up the sub, front 615's to the mixer I plugged a dynamic mic direct to one 615 and turned it up to half and not a lot of volume I then turned it all the way up and though it is noisless again not much volume.
The sub is new and the 615's I purchased used but as new condition.
Any help would be much appreciated.
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